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500 Series 5 6-stages V8 engines 500 cid drag racing offshore marine engines LH mounting RH brackets500 Series 5 6-stages V8 engines 500 cid drag racing offshore marine engines LH mounting RH brackets

500 Series

Our "original" model in 1-stage to 6-stages for most V8 engines over 500 cid.
Available in multi stages and good for 4 and 6 cylinder engines in which you want vacuum.
Mostly used in drag racing and offshore marine engines.

Reverse rotation pumps available for special engine applications.
Several brackets available for LH mounting but special RH brackets upon request.
Pressure sections in range from 20-38mm / 0.787-1.496" as standard.
Hi-volume gears 30-34mm / 1.181-1.338" available as special order. Scavenge rotors 43mm / 1.693" length in 2-lobe versions. Single or dual -16 returns depending on application.
Air-oil separator available with straight or 90 degree AN12 returns. Weight 10.5-12 lbs approx.
Big Bertha oil pump 6-stage Pro Mod PS mountain motors auto verdiBig Bertha oil pump 6-stage Pro Mod PS mountain motors auto verdi

Big Bertha

Our biggest oil pump is available in a 6-stage configuration as standard, but of cource, can be make like you want them, 2-8-stages..
Its use is mostly in bigger engines like Pro Mod and PS mountain motors.
Available with "big" pressure gear configuration 21B, 23B, 28B, 32B mm / 0.826-1.259" 
Scavenge is 43mm / 1.693" 2 lobe "big" 2 lobe rotors.
​​​​​​​Our popular Hemi Angle drive pump is from this serie.
AN12-16 fittings milled directly into housing and PR-valve up front.
BBC left side mounting is most popular but universal mounting left or right also available.
Custom brackets made to special order. 
Weight 15.5 lbs approx.
Small Series oil pump 3 6-stage auto verdiSmall Series oil pump 3 6-stage auto verdi

Small Series

The lightest and smallest oil pump available in multi stage versions with the 3 or 6-stage the most common. Pressure sizes 22-35mm / 0.866-1.378" with AN or "plug-in" inlet/outlet fittings. Scavenge size 35mm / 1.378" with 2 lobe "small" rotors.

Drag race versions available with 43mm / 1.693" scavenge sections.
Universal side bolt-on mounting, single or dual brackets available.
Can also be used in other racing series and engines.
Weight 6.6 lbs approx.
Pro Stock NHRA NASCAR oil pump 5 6 stages Brackets LH GM DRCE III 3 Mopar Ford auto verdiPro Stock NHRA NASCAR oil pump 5 6 stages Brackets LH GM DRCE III 3 Mopar Ford auto verdi

Pro Stock NHRA

Based on the NASCAR oil pump with 5 or 6 stages the most commonly used.
Pressure sections from 14-28mm / 0.551-1.102" with AN10-12 fittings. Scavenge rotors 2 lobe 30mm / 1.181" most popular 
but 35mm / 1.378" also available.
Scavenge inlets are special -16 "plug-in" BMRS fittings for more flow and easier plumbing.
Single or dual AN16 returns with placement according to customers wish.
PR-valve in front cover with different rate springs available for adjustment.
Brackets LH available for GM/DRCE III, Mopar and Ford engines.
Custom configurations available on special order.
Weight 8.3 lbs approx.
NASCAR oil pump 5 6-stages Nascar V8 engines auto verdiNASCAR oil pump 5 6-stages Nascar V8 engines auto verdi


Conformed to meet Nascar rules and available with 5 or 6-stages.
Open or restrictor engine designs upon customer request. Std or hi-volume pressure gears available in a range from 28-35mm / 1.102-1.377".
Scavenge sizes from 22-43mm / 0.866-1.693" with 2 lobe rotor design.

Plumbing available with std AN fittings, Wiggins or female inlet fittings.
Single or dual -16 to -20 returns available male AN, Wiggins or bolt-on.
Std PR-valves or rotated versions available for easier access and better fit.

Brackets LH or RH mount for all Nascar V8 engines.
Custom pressure, scavenge and plumbing configurations made to order. Weight 7.5-9 lbs approx.

Sportsman Series

Availabe in 3-6-stages, both black and silver.
Same basic design and internal parts as the Pro series oil pumps except no teflon spray inside, so priced less.
Will work great on almost every engine, not so many brackets to choose from as Nascar series, but SBC, BBC and uni bracket are availabe.
AN12/10 pressure, AN 12 scavenge inlets and single or dual AN16 bolt-on returns. 
Weight is 8.6 lbs.
Sprint Car NASCAR oil pump Pro series Sportsman auto verdiSprint Car NASCAR oil pump Pro series Sportsman auto verdi

Sprint Car

Based on our NASCAR pump but mounted on cam cover and hex drive shaft.
Pro series with everything coated or in Sportsman version also available.
SBC and Mopar bolt patterns for front mounting.
Pressure sections in 30mm/1.181" and with built in spin-on oil filter mount.
AN12 pressure inlet and AN 10 O-ring boss outlet from filter mount.
Oil filter mounts parallel or 90 degree to oil pump housing.
Scavenge sizes 30-35mm / 1.181-1.378" with 2 lobe rotors and AN12 inlets.
PR-valve in front mount with different spring rates for pressure.
Single AN16 return to oil tank. 
Weight 8.8-9.3 lbs incl oil filter.

Sprint Car Big Bertha Series

This model is created for those that needs a lot of vacuum in their sprint car engines. It is available with push-in fittings on the scavage sections. 

Sprint Car Sportsman Series

Is available in 3 different pressure sections, with or without oil filter mounting. It is only available in one size of scavenge sections.

Late Model for Bell Mounting

Is available with different sizes of pressure sections and with or without hex drive in the back for example power steering.  
Marine 500 series pump NASCAR oil pump auto verdiMarine 500 series pump NASCAR oil pump auto verdi


The 500 series pump is mostly used in off shore, drag racing and other boat applications.
On smaller engines the NASCAR style oil pump will be sufficient.

Marine pumps are usually 4 to 6-stages depending on rules for different sanctions.
Reverse rotation oil pumps available for multi engine applications.

See specs for the 500 series and NASCAR oil pumps or call for more specific info.


The 500 series pump for bigger engines were more vacuum is wanted.
NASCAR style oil pump for small block engines.
Multi stages available from single to 6 stages in both styles of oil pumps.

Air-oil separator also available with straight or 90 degree return fittings AN12.
Reverse rotation oil pumps made to order.

See specs for the 500 series and NASCAR oil pumps or call for more specific info. 

Custom Orders

Our NASCAR oil pump can be used in many applications for other types of racing using 4 cyl to V8 engines.
Pressure sizes available from 14-35mm/0.551-1.378” and scavenge sizes from 22-35mm/0.866-1.378” with a 2 lobe rotor.

Can be custom figured with a variety of brackets left or right side mounting.
Shown is a custom dual bracket version where our standard thick bracket cannot be used.
Plumbing is available with straight or angled AN fittings as standard. Other options are Wiggins , bolt-on returns, internal female scavenge inlets or our new “plug-in” BMRS fittings.
Single or dual returns upon customers request or application.

Single Stage

Designed for use where an external pressure pump is allowed but not a dry sump system.

Pressure size 35mm/1.378” with AN12 male fittings milled into housing.

BBC bracket for left side mounting and custom brackets upon special order.

Big Bertha V-Band Mounting

It is available in 2-6stage versions. You can either mount it with the pump pointing forward or backward depending on what V-band bracket you want. Driven by 12,7mm/0,500" hex drive.

Big Bertha Hemi Angle Drive

This is based on our largest oil pump and available in 2-5stage versions which bolts in the existing Hemi block location. There is three different pressure sections to choose from, 23mm/0.905" B, 28mm/1.102" B or 32mm/1.259" B, depending on how much your engine needs.

Scavenge sections are avablible in 25mm/0.984" B or 43mm/1.693" B.
The pressure section is located in the back the of pump and the scavenge sections in front with single or dual -16 returns back to the oil tank.

The pressure gears and scavenge rotors are all coated as well as the outside of the oil pump. The pressure section has a built-in pressure relief valve with an outside adjuster.

Big Bertha Hemi with Pan

Our big oil pump is integrated with the billet oil pan to make for a more compact installation. Pro Mod and TAFC cars have very limited room inside the frame so this makes it an easier fit. Designed primarily for BAE Hemi Pro Mod/TAFC engines but will fit other blocks with the same Hemi pan rail.

Available in multi stage configuration up to 7 stages with pressure sizes 21, 23 and 28mm B/0.826, 0.905 and 1.102". Scavenge sections out of pan 43mm B/1.693" 2-lobe rotor and smaller scavenge sections can be added for scavenging in the valley. 
AN 12 or 16 fittings for pressure and single -20 return back to the oil tank.
PR-valve up front with an external adjuster to adjust pressure.

Porsche GT III

In stock block replacement Pro series oil pump in 3 or 4-stage versions.
Pressure sizes available in 30-34mm with our hi-volume gear design.
Scavenge sizes are 30mm and 35mm on the 3-stage version with 2 lobe rotors.

4-stage versions have all 30mm scavenge sections with 2 lobe rotors.
Both oil pumps have clearance for most stroke and connecting rod combinations.

4-stage oil pump require a block outlet O-ring boss modification.
Weight 3-stage 7.5 lbs and 4-stage version 7.6 lbs.


Auto Verdi make their own anodized aluminum 8mm HTD style pump pulleys and crank gears/pulleys.
A 5mm version is available on special order only.

The pump pulley has the drive hub inbuilt and clamps onto the drive shaft so no keys are needed.This makes it very easy to line up the pulley with the crank pulley. 
All pump pulley drive hubs are made to fit the Auto Verdi 15mm drive shaft.
The pulleys are available in 28, 30,32, 33, 34, 36, 38, 39, 40, 42, 45 and 48 tooth.
Crank pulleys are made of the same high-grade aluminum and are anodized including belt guards.
The center hole is 1" with a 1/8" key slot and sizes available are 17,18,19,20 and 21, 22, 24 tooth.

Mitsubishi 4G63 Dry sump kit 

Mitsubishi Evo 4-9 pan with pump, pulleys, belt and breast plate.
Our 4 stage Pro / Nascar pump bolted directly on the pan, with no tubes on the scavege sections.

Mitsubishi 4G63 Breast plate

Breast plate for Mitsubishi Evo 4-9. This part is included in our Mitsubishi 4G63 Dry sump kit but it can also be bought separately.
chevy-ls-dry-sump-kit-5stage-pan-with-pump-super-damper-and-pulleys auto verdichevy-ls-dry-sump-kit-5stage-pan-with-pump-super-damper-and-pulleys auto verdi

Chevy LS dry sump kit 5stage

​​​​​​​Chevy LS pan with pump, super damper and pulleys.
chevy-ls-dry-sump-kit-6stage-pan-with-pump-super-damper-and-pulleys auto verdichevy-ls-dry-sump-kit-6stage-pan-with-pump-super-damper-and-pulleys auto verdi

Chevy LS dry sump kit 6stage

​​​​​​​Chevy LS pan with pump, super damper and pulleys.
honda-k24-k20-dry-sump-kit-pan-with-pump-and-pulleys auto verdihonda-k24-k20-dry-sump-kit-pan-with-pump-and-pulleys auto verdi

Honda K24/K20 Dry sump kit

Honda K24/K20 pan with pump and pulleys.
subaru-ej20-dry-sump-kit-pan-with-pump-and-pulleys auto verdisubaru-ej20-dry-sump-kit-pan-with-pump-and-pulleys auto verdi

Subaru EJ20 Dry sump kit

​​​​​​​Subaru EJ20 pan with pump and pulleys.

Only sold by RCM: https://rogerclarkmotorsport.co.uk/
lancia-037-historical-pump auto verdilancia-037-historical-pump auto verdi

Lancia 037

Historical pump.

Audi Quattro

Historical pump.​​​​​​​

Air-Oil Separator

Where rules allow the use of an air-oil separator it can be added to any 500 series or NASCAR style oil pumps.
​​​​​​​Now can you even add it on our Big bertha series.
It separates the air and oil very efficiently going back to the oil tank thus supplying less aerated oil to the engine.
Lower oil temperature and increased bearing life are positive results from an oil pump with the air-oil separator.

A special pressure relief valve is built in on the air-side for better separation and opens at a specific pressure.
The separator housing is available with two milled in male AN12 returns straight back or two 90 degree female -12 returns.
Extensively used in endurance racing like the Australian Super Car series and off shore boat racing.​​​​​​​